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Recently, a friend of my wife's suggested she try this cookbook for infants called FIRST MEALS. Which I thought was pretty funny- considering my wife does NOT cook. But she tested out some of the recipes on our 6-month-old and he really seemed to like them. So I, the resident chef of our home, decided to leaf through it. And, I have to say, it's a pretty impressive book. Not only does it teach the novice the basics of meal preparation and cooking, it also covers such important topics as how to introduce solids to your child, freezing, reheating , and nutrition. It talks about first foods, and introducing new tastes and textures. And, it also show you how to save a lot of money by making your own baby food at home. It's full of hundreds of simple recipes and fun ways to present meals to your kids. And it starts with babies, but it also shows you how to make meals for toddlers and preschoolers as well. This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to expand their repertoire when it comes to preparing healthy, nutritious meals for their kids. It covers desserts and meal planning and even how to introduce international flavors to the most finicky of customers. Heck, I think I may just have to steal this book for myself. This is a great gift for anyone who is charged with feeding the little ones, but I think it is especially a great find for those who have never cooked a day in their life and find themselves having to make fast, simple meals that a child will actually eat.

We highly (and I mean, highly) recommend First Meals Revised, by Annabel Karmel ($24.99 USD) to every new parent and every parent who wants to better themselves in the culinary arts (as it pertains to preparing meals for kids).

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This book is most certainly Fodder Tested and Father Approved

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When we were asked to review a new book for dads to read to their kids (for Father's Day) we awaited it with great anticipation. We had heard of a new crop of children's books coming out just for dads to share with their little ones and we wanted to be one of the first to test it out on our own little girl. When we opened the package and saw the cover for this book, we immediately thought of the Lion King, a story of a strong stoic dad who gave his life to save his son, and the son who grew up to fill the very big shoes left behind by his father. Well, Just Like My Dad had a lot in common with that great Disney film, and it was a pleasure to read to my 3-year-old daughter. The artwork was fantastic. The wording was unique. And the story was an amazing look at the struggle many dads have between their roles as both protector and playmate. Sure, there were some themes that were a bit over my daughter's head (things I only understood myself because I am a big fan of Animal Planet) but all in all it had her asking questions and she was able to relate to the relationship between the Lion and his cub as it was portrayed in this great book I am sure all dads will love to read at bedtime to their kids (my daughter asked me to read it to her three times in one sitting).

We highly recommend Just Like My Papa, a book by Toni Buzzeo, illustrated by Mike Wohenoutka. It is well worth the $16.99 (USD) list price.

This book has been Fodder Tested/Father Approved.


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When I was approached by Disney to review a new book in November of 2012, I was a little skeptical (and a little late in writing my review). To tell you the truth, I was a little Disney-ed out at that point. My daughter was at that age where everything she ate, slept and talked about was Disney Princesses. There's Cinderella (her favorite), and Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, and Pocahontas and Jasmine and Belle and Ariel (The Little Mermaid). There are DVDs and dolls, sippy cups and slippers, figurines and tea sets and jewelry boxes, amulets and armchairs- it's almost too much. Truth is, I barely escape the Disney Store with my ears not ringing from all the squealing my little girl does whenever she sees something she likes (which is everything). So why would I want to support yet another "princess" book (with a TV show, and more books and movies and merchandise in the works)? Well, I didn't. But, sometimes even dads can't fight the magic of Disney.

Sofia the First, written by Cathy Hapka and beautifully illustrated by Grace Lee, has quickly become a fan favorite in my house. Yes it's another princess book, and sure it borrows from a couple of popular movies I'll never admit to watching on a Saturday afternoon by myself (most notably What a Girl Wants, starring Amanda Bynes, and The Princess Diaries, starring Anne Hathaway), but there's something I really like about it. Maybe it's the whole fish out of water theme of a girl trying to fit in with her new Royal family? Maybe it's the exploration of what children go through in today's mixed families? Maybe it's the fact that my own little princess can't put it down, and I don't mind reading it to her, again and again- and again? But, this book grew on me, and fast.

SYNOPSIS: "Meet Sofia, a little girl who lives a rather ordinary life. But everything changes when her mother marries the king. Overnight, Sofia becomes a princess and life becomes anything but ordinary for Sofia the First!" (Source:

This book is full of the same stunning artwork you always find from Disney, and the writing is short, sweet and gets right to the heart of the matter. Little Sofia just wants to fit in with her new family, but she's not sure where she stands - with her new Stepfather, stepbrother, and, of course, a stepsister that probably doesn't like the competition. Everything is new for Sofia, as is this take on what it's like to be a Princess in the new Millenium. It simply takes tried and true, mixes it up, and gives little girls a new princess- one for their generation- that they can understand and emulate.

Yes, as a birth father, I took issue with Sofia calling the King "Dad" without missing a beat, but I can forgive this minor mistake as I believe this book will help lots of little girls (and boys) to understand that they aren't alone as they come to terms with many different types of change (divorce, new school, new friends, etc). In short, I really like Sofia The First- it's the perfect marriage of something old (Disney Princesses), something new (the depiction of children struggling to fit in in a blended family), something borrowed (see What a Girl Wants), and something blue (Cinderella makes an appearance and helps save the day). This really is a great story that little girls will love, especially mine-even if it costs me hundreds of dollars in dresses, and DVDs, and apps and accessories.


We are happy to say Sofia The First is Fodder Tested and most definitely Father Approved.


By: Shirin Skerkat, Psy.D.

If you've been looking to get a leg up on how to talk to your kids- I mean really talk to your kids- and get their compliance and full attention this is the book for you. This book is full of some of the best parenting advice I've ever read, and it gives it to you straight with as little psycho-babble as possible.

Looking for the blueprint on how to have conversations that your kids will actually participate in? This is the book for you. Learn how to understand your kid's perspective and what motivates them. Learn how to negotiate and avoid power struggles. Learn how to keep the peace and create a happy parenting team that can't be divided or conquered. Learn the difference between bribing your kids and offering them incentives.

Full of Do's and Don'ts and practical solutions, this book is a must have for anyone who wants to create harmony in the home. Raise well-adjusted, compliant, and confident kids while maintaining control and being fair/open-minded.

Its conversational approach is refreshing and its use of personal stories to show you exactly what to say when the scenario presents itself is inspired.

We like Create Happy Kids: Practical Parenting Solutions to Create Motivated, Respectful and Compliant Kids, and we're sure you will too.


By: Joshua Levitt MD.

There's a reversal of fortune that occurs between husbands and wives after the birth of a child. Whereas new moms begin to shed the pregnancy pounds slowly over time, first-time fathers begin to gain weight exponentially in a mere matter of months. Some, long before the baby is even born.

There's a reversal of fortune that occurs between husbands and wives after the birth of a child. Whereas new moms begin to shed the pregnancy pounds slowly over time, first-time fathers begin to gain weight exponentially in a mere matter of months. Some, long before the baby is even born.

The fact is between caring for a newborn, working long hours, the time it takes to commute to and from home, and the stress that comes with their new found responsibilities most first-time fathers (to some degree) find themselves letting themselves go. Call it a lack of motivation, a lack of sleep, or a lapse in good judgement, many new dads just seem to find themselves packing on the pounds and digging themselves deeper and deeper in to a big bowl (and belly) of Jell-o.

But don't despair. You don't need a fancy gym membership or a personal trainer to get back in to shape. All you need is some sensible eating habits (i.e. not fighting the family dog for your kid's leftovers), and a few simple exercises, using nothing more than your own bundle of joy, a baby carrier and a your own sense of balance (between raising happy kids and your own health). This is the brainchild of Joshua Levitt, ND- father, naturopath, and visionary behind Baby Barbells: The Dad's Guide To Fitness and Fathering- a book that has been called "the quintessential handbook for a new generation of cool dads."

Let's check it out... Sneak Peek (c/o

Baby Barbells
Irish Times 
Baby Barbells Teaches Dads How to Use Babies as Gym Equipment

So what have we learned today? It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to stay in shape while caring for a child- all it takes is a few simple techniques, the will to change, and some structured bonding time between you and your little bambino.

We give Baby Barbells a Fodder 4 Father's a high five (5 out of 5 fingers) for this magnificent manual that makes the perfect gift for any new dad looking to shed a few pounds. Joshua Levitt, ND scores top marks for creating a parenting picture book that is practical, easy to use, witty, and sets every father up for success. Getting back in to shape is no fairytale with Baby Barbells- it's a fatherhood book with a happy ending (especially, if it brings "Prince Charming," the man you "used" to be, back to life).

Hey, it beats the old fashioned way...
Dad teaches kid to catch chickens - Rock Style

What to Expect, Series

By: Heidi Murkoff

New Dad? Not sure what to expect? Need a play by play to get you in to the game?  Well, we’ve got a couple of great books to help you do just that. “Heidi Murkoff has a number of books to guide you through pregnancy and childbirth, right into parenthood. She's also written books that help you help your children as they navigate the waters of toddlerhood”. The “What to Expect” series of books will help any parent learn the ropes in no time. These step-by-step introductions to parenting are brilliant and are sure to give you the confidence you need to get right in there and be the best dad that you can be.  From What to Expect When You’re Expecting to What to Expect: The First (and now Second) Year, these are the best books you’ll ever find to teach you  the ropes of fatherhood, minute by minute and month by month.

Want to know what your unborn child looks like at 5 months? Need to know how to take a 3-month-old’s temperature? Looking for a list of milestones your child may or may not be reaching? These are the books for you.  Teething, Terrible Twos, Tetanus:  What to Expect covers it all?

Buy them for yourself, your wife, a friend or a family member. No parent can be without this amazing series of books (Available from the

Fodder tested, Fodder approved, you’ll never get a better, more concise and up-to-the-moment education on what to expect from early parenting than you will with these fantastic reference books from What to Expect.  

We use them.

Amazon - What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Amazon - What to Expect: The First Year