Want to know what to buy your wife for Mother’s Day, your child for his first birthday, or where to find the perfect Push Present? Want to know what all the smart dads are requesting for Father’s Day this year? Need a trusted source to tell you what’s hot for Christmas and cool for kids of all ages and stages? We can help you with that.




At F4F we spend a lot of time talking about how dads should act the part and get involved in all aspects of parenting. But it's also important for dads to look the part, and wear it well. So when it comes to delivery day, there is no better gift for the doting new dad than a pair of DaddyScrubs*.

Moms, you want your man looking the part as he prepares to take on the big responsibility of fatherhood, and DaddyScrubs are a great way to get him in to character. No man wants to wear scrubs thousands of other people have worn. He wants to be comfortable knowing that his scrubs are just for him, and bought with love by the mother of his brand new baby boy or girl. And no one's going to push him aside when they read the back of his shirt and it says "I'M the Daddy." DaddyScrubs will get him respect. With Daddy Scrubs, everybody will know he's "The Man"... whose wife is screaming for another epidural.

DaddyScrubs are comfortable, cool, and command the respect all new fathers deserve. Surprise the expectant father in your life with his very own set of DaddyScrubs. These "one-of-a-kind 'Delivery Room duds for Dads' will make any new dad feel special and comfortable during one of life's most exciting times. We're talkin' labor, delivery, and beyond!"

And, while you're at it, get him a cool coffee mug, a daddy diaper bag, or one of the many other awesome products offered in the DaddyScrubs Store.

DaddyScrubs come in assortment of colors (except Salmon, but we're working on that) and sizes. They're great for delivery day, bottle feeding, watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, and even role play.

Start the New Daddy off right and get him a pair before delivery day. He'll thank you for it.

Price: $54.95 (USD), Free Shipping over $50.00


*This product has been Fodder Tested/Fodder Approved.



If you're looking for toys for boys of all ages this holiday season, we've come to the right place. We're not the kind of guys to want golf clubs, or a new tie, or watch for Christmas. We're cooler than that. We want collectibles.

So whether you're looking for old school Star Wars or Star Trek action figures, the latest sports figurines or awesome movie memorabilia, we know where to send you to find it. DC, Marvel, McFarlane, WWE, we got you covered. Want to get your hubby a 12" Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for his office? Want to get your Dad that original Six Million Dollar Man action figure he's been wanting since he was a little boy? Want the newest and coolest Batman, and Spiderman, and Superman collectibles for the kids? Superhero Sleepwear for boys of all ages? Can't seem to find them anywhere? Here's a few cool websites to check out.




I thought I'd try something new here, as I'm always being introduced to new products or services from more experienced Moms and Dads. Sometimes it's a product for dads. Sometimes it's for moms or babies. And more often than not it's a product for dads to buy mom, or babies, just to get a little piece of mind (or some peace and quiet). You already know how I feel about the Slap Chop. Well here's another product I would like to suggest, but this time for it's strictly for "The Wife."

As the old saying goes: "Happy wife. Happy life." But when you're wife's trying to shed that excess baby weight and none of her clothes fit her, and she constantly complains that walking is uncomfortable because her thighs keep rubbing together, you better either hide out in the basement or help her find a way to get back to her old self.  Introducing Thigh Society, a unique underwear/short that prevents inner thighs from rubbing together. It's the perfect solution for what the owner/creator calls "chub rub," an affliction affecting millions of women; including your wife. These shorts are super soft, light, stretchy, ultra-comfortable, won't pinch, and leave no visible panty lines (so I'm told). They are also chafe resistant (damn friction), so you won't have to follow your wife on her weekend walks with a fire extinguisher. Perfect for running errands, light walks, and carting around the baby, Thigh Society is what every New Mom needs to help her get up and go.

Pre-shrunk and machine washable, these shorts (available in white, black and beige) make the perfect gift for the first-time mom trying to get her body back (and the first-time dad trying to get back in to her good graces). Hey, if you want to send your wife outside in a tight, constricting pair of bicycle shorts, be my guest. But if you want to give your wife the comfort and confidence she deserves while showing your pride and joy off to the world, there’s only one choice – Thigh Society.

Thigh Society shorts can be worn under skirts, dresses, shorts, pants and even all those t-shirts your wife stole from you, claiming: "But they’re comfortable.” Great for walks, the playground, the mall, around the house and around the world, Thigh Society is nothing short of sheer brilliance.

Buy a pair for your wife today and before you know it she’ll be shedding the pounds...and thanking YOU for it. And hey, while she's out with the baby you'll finally be able to take that nap you're been daydreaming about. Nice! Sounds like a brilliant idea to me?

Thanks Thigh Society!

To order visit Thigh Society. No need to thank me... but you will.

Thigh Society can also be found on facebook.

Disclaimer: Fodder 4 Fathers does not endorse this product for male usage. And if you are caught by your wife trying on her undergarments, you're on your own (but send me a picture so I can post it). Also, this product is called Thigh Society, not to be confused with High Society, an adult men's magazine which I have never, uh, read.

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