Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine, had a dream. Actually, he had three: 1) to work in his pajamas, 2) to be surrounded by beautiful women, and 3) to provide men with advice for where to find the best products. Now, we may not be able to help you stay in your pajamas all day (unless you’re a stay-at-home-dad), and if you’re married or dating you’re probably already surrounded by the most beautiful woman in the world, but we can help you find the coolest, most up-to-date products for dads.

So if you’re looking for advice of anything from apps to gifts, books to baby products, clothing to cars (well, Minivans in your case), we’ve got you covered- or we will once we’re asked to write a review on it.

Here’s our growing list of the products we endorse. If it has our stamp of approval on it you can be sure we put it through its paces to ensure it’s only the best for you and your child.