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Massago - The Uber of Massages - comes to Canada

Uber of Massages - Massago - Comes to My Hometown, and My House or Office

Let me be very honest. Full disclosure: I've never been a massage kind of guy. For a guy who has been in as many car accidents as I have (my favorite is when the Mack truck hit me), yes, you may find it odd that I've done my very best to avoid something that so many have claimed provides them with much needed relief from neck, and back, and muscle pain. When I have nagging pain, I'd sooner reach for a bottle of Advil or some Rub A535 to numb the pain than reach for the phone to call masseuse. But its funny how quickly things can change.

So I was approached to try a new app that brings a masseuse right to your door (see description below), its called Massago, and right now its only available in Canada...well, Toronto. I thought long and hard about it and said no. Then I was told a ffriend could try it and I could just report on what they though. I was like "okay." Then I convinced them to come to my office and give both of my bosses a massage at the same time which pretty much got me brownie point throughout my entire company.

"Massago - the Uber of registered massages -is a useful tool for parents who have zero time to get out of the house to pamper themselves, and professionals who can't find the time to get out of their offices in this age of longer and longer work hours. With Massago, you get a deep tissue, Swedish (sweet!), prenatal, or sport massage as easy as hailing a ride. You sign up for the app, you answer some questions (personal, medical), you choose the type of massage you want, when you want it, and in no time you can feel like a brand new you." 

The long and the short of it is both my bosses, both female, loved it - even when I came in to the room by mistake to ask a question and they yelled at me to get out. They got to pick between male or female registered RMT's who came at the specified time, with all their equippment and lotions and oils, and soothing music, and barriers (thank god), and it was the perfect thing to relax them.

They told me how it went. I took a photo of two very strong and friendly RMTs, and I thought that was going to be my post. Nope. It turns out, a massage was just what the doctor ordered for me as well. It turns out I'm not as stoic as I like to think, and the next day when the knots in my back were so bad that I had numbness and pain going up both sides of my neck in to my face and head, I wasn't so picky about getting a massage. I had the app. So damn it, I tried it (technically, it was a Father's Day gift from my wife).


Signing up was okay. A bit long. Think of it as your first time seeing a medical specialist and all the paperwork you have to fill out. Once you get past that, its as easy as entering your credit card, choosing the time you'd like a massage and the sex of your RMT. 

So I got my very first deep tissue massage, and well, I loved it. Hurt like a b**th, especially since all my muscles were already in pain, but it gave me relief, a lot of relief, and I'm glad I had access to an app that was able to get a registered massage therapist to my house in a hurry, on a weekend.

How much was it? Don't be so nosy. It was the going rate for a good massage ($100+ for an hour) and it was well worth it. My massuese was knowledgeable, professional, gentle when needed and forceful when needed. She gave me good advice for how to stretch out my muscles and gave me plenty of warning when something was about to hurt.

Should you get a massage? I would. Should you try the Massago app? Well, if you live in Toronto, yes. It just launched here and will be making its way around the country very soon from what I can see. RMTs everywhere are signing up to serve you.

I can even save you $30 (Canadian) right now to try it. Simply use the promo code: FODDER through the month of July.

It's worth it.