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Top 5 Reasons Parents Don't Want Cameras in Preschools

Do Parents Really Want Closed-Circuit Cameras in Preschools?

What does a dad think about having cameras that allow you to watch your kid all day when they are at daycare?  Well, maybe he likes it TOO much... 

A friend of the family is opening up a brand new preschool and child care center in the heart of Toronto (Canada) this weekend. She’s going to have the usual programs for infants, toddlers and preschool children - music, art, movement, language, drama; outdoor play; naptime – but she’s also going to offer some added services I think local parents will really enjoy – extended hours and locally grown, nutritious food.  But she’s also going to incorporate something not every child care center would be brave enough to offer – secure webcams for parents to watch their children.

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The Child Car Seat/Winter Coat Debate - What's a Parent to Do in Extreme Cold?

On the evening of Friday December 27, 2013, we posted a video of “DD”, my three-year-old daughter, singing the chorus of one of the worst one hit wonders to ever come out of the 1980s. It was just a few seconds of Cutting Crew’s “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight,” but it left a lasting impression with some of the fans – especially the ones who believe there is no room for a child to EVER wear a winter coat in a child seat.

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The Experts Speak: Top 5 Qualities to Consider When Hiring a Nanny Candidate (Guest Post) 


Scene from Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)Top 5 Qualities of a Nanny Candidate by Nathaniel Hammons (A Guest post from the experts at

Finding a nanny is a difficult task because you are inviting a stranger to care for your child. Even with safeguards and organizations in place, it’s important that you gain a full understanding of the type of person you will be bringing into your home. Building trust and understanding begins during the interview process and doesn’t end until the day your child is ready to care for himself.

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Guest Post by Brian Gawlak

Fodder 4 Fathers
welcomes a new segment to our blog this week from our good friend, Brian, a.k.a. The Cook at Home Dad.

We asked him to share some of his favorite recipes with us. So he gathered up the kids and decided to make homemade Salsa

He calls this segment "Fodder for Lil F'ers." We call it "Cooking with Gawlak."




Bruises, Bumps, Scrapes and the Psyche of the Modern Dad

Drawing by Peter Morris"How could you let this happen to my baby???" That's what I would imagine most moms would say. They hate it when anyone but them is watching their kids as they are always waiting for something bad to happen. But I’m not just anyone. I’m the dad! But maybe moms don’t mean to blurt out mean and spiteful things like “I hate you” and “I knew it!” just to make you feel bad? Maybe it’s just “mom guilt” talking? Maybe it’s the fact that moms just need to be in control – of EVERYTHING- that makes them react this way. I’m not a babysitter. I’m a parent too! Sure my daughter, my wife’s “baby,” had an accident and it happened on my watch, but does she have the right to make me feel 2 feet tall over it? I’m not saying she will, but, if she does, like millions of other moms, is that what I should be concerned about right now? Or should I be more concerned about the child, my child, who is shedding tears and maybe a few drops of blood on the hardwood floor? This is the dilemma of all (attached) dads who watch their kids. We spend way too much time worrying about what our wives think that we don’t get to focus on what is really important – our kids. 


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