"Photo Courtesy of Fletch (1985)"At F4F we strongly believe that the best place to learn about fatherhood is from all the guys who went before us (and those currently struggling to get through it as well).  No matter what your unique circumstance, we know there’s a dad blog out there to help you. We’re always looking for great dad blogs to add to the list, so please email your suggestions to And if you think we might new a new category because you don't fit in to New Dads, Single Dads, Gay Dads, Step-Dads, Divorced Dads, Dads of Special Needs Children, Dads with Daughters, Fathers with Sons, Dads of Twins, Stay at Home Dads, Working Dads, Professional Dads, Instructional Dads, or any of the other catergories dads have created for themselves, we`ll be happy to hear your suggestions.

Here’s a growing list of great diatribes we highly recommend.Updated: August 09, 2013