When we started Fodder 4 Fathers our main goal was simple: we wanted to promote great dads, and there is no better day to do this than Father's Day. We all know dads are important, but rarely do dads get the recognition they deserve for their efforts. Today's New Dads are doing more then they ever have before. There are the involved dads, the stay-at-home dads and the single dads raising a family all on their own. There are the step dads and the adoptive dads stepping in or stepping up to raise kids that otherwise may never know the true joys of what a positive male influence can have on their lives. Dads Matter. We know it, and so do you. So let's celebrate dads this year with bold statements of how much their love, and affection and their mere presence enhances the lives of so many, for many generations to come.

At F4F, we want every year to be the year of the dad. And when you support the F4F store by purchasing a product in support of amazing fathers, you will help us grow our message and our cause which is now over 16,000 strong (moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas) and counting. 

So when you're thinking of a last minute gift for the dad in your life that means so much to you, please think of F4F and what your purchase means to the future of great dads everywhere, as we take our website where no dad has gone before.

We're changing the world one bold message at a time. Won't you help us spread it for the good of all mankind. Great dads need to be celebrated, and together we can show all dads just how important they truly are. 

- Adam (The Godfodder) Dolgin, Founder and President, Fodder 4 Fathers

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Going to be a New Dad? Have fun with it. Don't just sit in the bckground while your wife gets all the attention. You deserve some recognition for the fact that your boys can swim. Be proud that you've joined the ranks of millions of excited dads-to-be and tell the world that you're going to be one hell of a father with our signature collection of cool T-shirt and hats that separate the men from the boys. Shop Now


Forget those Proud Papa, Super Dad or Fantastic Father Shirts you`re never going to wear. Today`s Involved Dads want to make a statement, so we`ve taken the whole "who`s your Daddy" idea and put our own special spin on it with our "Big Fèr" line. You`re the man in  charge. The role model. The man dad who gets respect not because he demands it but because he deserves it for all that he does for his family, whether its working hard outside the home or working it out as a Stay-at-home caregiver. You`re the Fèr who makes it happen and gets it done, and you wear your role as an awesome provider and parent and father with pride. Shop Now

BABIES AND TODDLERS (6 Months to 2 Years)

Let's face it, babies aren't always all their cracked up to be. Sure, we love them, but I think many moms and dads will agree, kids sure don't make it easy on us. The crying and the wailing and the midnight feedings and the dirty diapers and the spit up all over our freshly pressed shirt- they're testing us, and we're running around doing their bidding. So let's just call them what they are when they're peeing on us, or saving their worst poop of the day just for us, or refusing to go to sleep with this new signature series for our favorite LiL F'eRs who we just can't live without. Shop Now


Ladies, just because you're pregnant and about to be a mom doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humor about it. Sure, your bellies are growing and your feet are swelling and you've got about a million things going through your mind from what to buy to how to prepare the baby`s nursery- but just because you're having trouble seeing the humor in it, doesn't mean you can't make the rest of the world smile with this collection of fun maternity shirts from F4F. Shop Now


Well, we're still working on this section... but this is an awesome shirt for both moms and dads who are devoted to raising a great generation of kids who will go off to college, spend all of your money, refuse to take entry level jobs when they graduate and move back in to your house until their forties.

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At F4F we love our fans - Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Non-Parents, Parenting experts, Adoptive Parents, Step-Parents... the list goes on and on. So we created a collection of T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hats for all the Proud Fodderers; people who are proud to call themselves "F'ers" and wear it proudly.

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A collection of novelty gifts for moms and dads, fans and non-fans alike. Coffee Mugs, Aprons, Buttons and more- we've got a gift for everyone in the F4F store. From "Ask the Wife" to "Big F'er" to our exclusive "Dads Not Duds" collection, we've got something you can throw your support behind as your purchases help F4F do good all over the world.

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