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By Jessica DolginYou've heard of Dear Abbey- well this ain't her. This is Ask The Wife, a fresh approach to answering those questions every mom has but is too afraid to ask. From "will my husband ever pick up his own underwear?" to "how do I tell my MIL to step the hell off?" Ask the Wife has an answer for you.

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"How Did You Potty Train Your Toddler?"

So I’ve received a ton of e-mails from people who were curious about how I potty trained my daughter, so I’m more than happy to share the “technique” we used in our house. But I just want to preface the whole thing by saying that while I had heard that the way we did it was “the best” way, I really don’t think that there IS a “best way” and I am also convinced that every kid is different, so what works for one, will not always work for another. But here it is:

We decided to potty train our daughter after she turned two. My potty training process took 3 full days with a minimal amount of preparation, and a maximum amount of patience. So first, you need to dedicate three days straight that you are going to be at home. No trips in the car, no need to leave the house what-so-ever. So I chose three days in the spring that I would be on vacation and I knew that I would have DD at home. The night we were about to “begin” the process, I made sure that I got her all excited about the fact that we were going to be wearing underwear from now on. I even bought her Disney Princess underwear, because in case you’re not aware, my daughter is a Disney princess maniac and I knew that would REALLY get her pumped. So I kissed her goodnight and told her that I was so excited for big girl underwear day tomorrow (even though I was totally dreading it).

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My Baby is All Grown Up - F@#%!!!!!

Lately I’ve notice some distinct changes in my daughter. She talks differently, she acts differently, she understands differently. Lately I’ve noticed that my daughter is actually turning into a person! It all started the other day when DD was asking about the ants that we have coming into the house. They’re these massive giant black ants. We don’t have an infestation or anything, but as the summer comes, so do a few ants and she’s never really noticed them before. We just put out some ants traps and we’re good to go. Except for the day that I went into the bathroom to find a SWARM of ants that had attached themselves to a holistic cough syrup bottle that my husband left out on the counter. I screamed, I screamed really, really LOUD. It was disgusting, and unfortunately my impressionable daughter came running into the bathroom. Not only did she see the massive pile of ants on the bottle (which would freak out any kid- and some adults), but she also saw my massive over-reaction to them (I know, parenting fail) and since that moment, she has been terrified of ants. Worried that they’re in her bed, in her food, on the couch, in the car, EVERYWHERE! It has consumed her.

Which brings me back to the changes that I am seeing in my daughter; we were in the car on the way home from school and she was asking me about the ants. “Will there be any when we get home? Do other kids have ants in their houses? Do the ants have parents who are looking for them?” and then the question that I’m sure worried her the most: “Do ants bite?”

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A Mother's Moment - Realizing What's Most Important

In our day to day life we tend to get bogged down with just that – the day-to-day. Have you ever opened your eyes on a Friday and wondered where the week has gone? I know I have. There are times when I can’t even remember what happened the day before because I’m so concerned with what’s happening tomorrow. When our daughter was born I remember my parents and my friends with children telling me to enjoy every minute because it goes by so fast, but when you’re in the thick of it, you can’t really see it, right? When you’re spending all your money on diapers and daycare, you often ask yourself: "how much longer can this go on?"

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This blog comes as a result of a question I had from a mother who was wondering what to do about her 4 –year-old daughter who is OBSESSED with Disney Princesses. She asked me whether or not she should try to steer her towards a less “girlie obsessed” lifestyle, or just let her do her own thing.

Well, first let me just say:  WELCOME TO THE CLUB. My daughter could kick any child’s ass in the world of Disney Princess Trivia- I mean, the kid is OBSESSED! Walking into her room, you would think that it was hosed down by Princess Pepto Bismal!! Disney Princess bed, Disney Princess Sheets, a Disney Princess pillow, Disney Princess nightgowns, a Disney Princess doll house with every single Disney Princess doll living inside, Disney Princess shoes, Disney Princess slippers, Disney Princess underwear, Disney Princess t-shirts, Disney Princess hair elastics, a Disney Princess brush, a Disney Princess tooth-brush in a Disney Princess tooth-brush holder, a Disney Princess toilet seat, a Disney Princess back-pack, a Disney Princess umbrella, Disney Princess books, a Disney Princess piggy bank, Disney Princess stickers on the wall, a Disney Princess jewelry box filled with Disney Princess jewelry, Disney Princess cups, Disney Princess plates, Disney Princess cutlery, Disney Princess place-mats, Disney Princess sunglasses, Disney Princess movies, a Disney Princess couch, two Disney Princess dresses, she had a Disney Princess Birthday party, with an actual Disney Princess, a Disney Princess cake, with Disney Princess balloons and believe it or not, the list actually goes on and on!!

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How Do You Do the Co-Sleeping to Crib Switch-eroo???


Q. Ok so I have a fan question for your wife since none of my followers seem to have any advice:
My son is a co sleeper. Or he sleeps in a swing, which is unsafe, but his sleep cue is the steady rocking. I NEED to break this habit but it’s hard because I live in an apartment and neighbors get upset over the crying. I wrote them notes to explain that I'm training my son to sleep in his crib, and to be patient.

Well we experimented today with a nap and it did not go well. He screamed his head off until he was choking. I soothed him then left the room again. Cried hysterically for a half hour. It killed me. I gave in and picked him up. He doesn't take a binky either. I can't take the crying. I'm thinking I'm going to have to wait until my husband gets home so he can physically pull me away and let him cry to sleep. So my Q is, any tips/tricks/advice I haven't tried or can try? P.S: my lo is 4 months old


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