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By Jessica DolginYou've heard of Dear Abbey- well this ain't her. This is Ask The Wife, a fresh approach to answering those questions every mom has but is too afraid to ask. From "will my husband ever pick up his own underwear?" to "how do I tell my MIL to step the hell off?" Ask the Wife has an answer for you.

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"How Did You Potty Train Your Toddler?"

So I’ve received a ton of e-mails from people who were curious about how I potty trained my daughter, so I’m more than happy to share the “technique” we used in our house. But I just want to preface the whole thing by saying that while I had heard that the way we did it was “the best” way, I really don’t think that there IS a “best way” and I am also convinced that every kid is different, so what works for one, will not always work for another. But here it is:

We decided to potty train our daughter after she turned two. My potty training process took 3 full days with a minimal amount of preparation, and a maximum amount of patience. So first, you need to dedicate three days straight that you are going to be at home. No trips in the car, no need to leave the house what-so-ever. So I chose three days in the spring that I would be on vacation and I knew that I would have DD at home. The night we were about to “begin” the process, I made sure that I got her all excited about the fact that we were going to be wearing underwear from now on. I even bought her Disney Princess underwear, because in case you’re not aware, my daughter is a Disney princess maniac and I knew that would REALLY get her pumped. So I kissed her goodnight and told her that I was so excited for big girl underwear day tomorrow (even though I was totally dreading it).

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Should Moms Worry About Their Sons Like Dads Do Daughters?

Image from Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)Dear Mrs. Fodder: Should moms worry about their sons the same way that dads worry about their daughters? My sons are little flirts, and every time I pick up my eldest up from school all these girls wave goodbye to him and I have to stop myself from giving them the stink eye. Do moms need shotguns too?

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Mothers and Daughters, Oh My!

So this morning my daughter asked her father is she could have a sleepover at her “boyfriend” Wyatt’s house and it was at that moment when I went on line looking for the latest line of chastity belts! ;-) Now while I completely understand that my daughter sleeping at a boy’s house at this age would be completely innocent, and to be honest, I wouldn’t really have a problem with it, it got me thinking. Eventually my daughter is going to become a “real girl” and I have no idea how I’m going to handle it.

I think back to when I was a young girl and the memories are vivid! I can recall asking my mom if she could buy me some razors so I could shave under my arm pits. I was 11. She was reluctant because she didn’t think I needed to yet, but she also understood that I was getting to a point where things like that were starting to matter. So she ultimately said yes, but made me promise that I would only use it for my arm pits and NOT my legs. I will never forget her telling me that if I start shaving my legs now, that it would grow back even thicker and then I would be worse off than I started. I agreed to her terms and got my razors. That summer I went away to camp and after about 30 seconds of thought, I decided to screw what my mother said and shave my legs. I mean, everyone else was doing it so I wanted to do it too! She was right when she warned me about the fact that it would make it worse, but I didn’t listen.

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A Mother's Moment - Realizing What's Most Important

In our day to day life we tend to get bogged down with just that – the day-to-day. Have you ever opened your eyes on a Friday and wondered where the week has gone? I know I have. There are times when I can’t even remember what happened the day before because I’m so concerned with what’s happening tomorrow. When our daughter was born I remember my parents and my friends with children telling me to enjoy every minute because it goes by so fast, but when you’re in the thick of it, you can’t really see it, right? When you’re spending all your money on diapers and daycare, you often ask yourself: "how much longer can this go on?"

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