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Should Moms Worry About Their Sons Like Dads Do Daughters?

Image from Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)Dear Mrs. Fodder: Should moms worry about their sons the same way that dads worry about their daughters? My sons are little flirts, and every time I pick up my eldest up from school all these girls wave goodbye to him and I have to stop myself from giving them the stink eye. Do moms need shotguns too?

Mrs. Fodder Answers:

Trust me, it's not just dad's that worry about their daughters. When I see how much of a "girl" my 3-year-old is turning in to, I ask my husband when he's actually going to buy that shotgun he keeps talking about. I mean, I was a crazy teenager and if that child is even half a product of me, Mr. Fodder and I are in for a HELL of a time. So when it comes to our little girl, yeah... I worry! But I guess here's where the double standard comes in, because for whatever reason, I don't really worry about my son in the same regard. Maybe it's because I'm not a guy, or maybe it's because in my experience, the men in my life have known how to handle themselves. But while I wouldn't mind if my daughter stays away from boys for a long time, I don't really think about it much when it comes to my son. What concerns me about "boys" in general (my son included) is TROUBLE. The trouble boys can get in to. The trouble they will cause, and the trouble they could be for someone else’s little girl. That's why with my daughter, I feel the need to stress she respect herself. I want her to know that no one can define her except her herself. With my son, I want to stress respect for others. I’d like to hope that any woman will be lucky to have a boy like him in her life and I’d like to think that he will treat woman with the respect that I want men to give my daughter. Look, I know how stereotypical that sounds, but I also know how realistic that sounds. That's not to say that I want my son to become a womanizer or a player but at the same time he's only 8 months old, so right now, if woman want to go crazy for him... I'm all for it!

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