Looking for something both fun and educational for the kids? Searching for something to motivate you to be a better, healthier, more involved dad? Looking for anything to make your life simpler and help you balance those dilemmas? We’ve got an app (or product) for that… or at least an app to help you find it.



When I was asked to try out a new kind of bookkeeping system created by a fellow Canadian, I thought: “Why not- I’m no stranger to the joys of accounting?” I’ve actually studied this subject twice in school – once in grade 11 and again as a prerequisite for a Marketing course I took in College. And to tell you the truth, I quite enjoyed it. Hell, I even showed up to the final exam for that college course a half-hour late (I had a legitimate excuse) and finished second, with the third highest mark in the class. Problem is, in the real world, the tax man doesn’t like when you’re late and will penalize you with penalties and interest if you don’t submit to them on time. And even though I know what goes where on a standard balance sheet, the biggest problem is staying organized so I can find everything to create one.


Enter The Simplicity Principle – an easy way to help the small business person do their books. It’s great for anyone who might make extra income with a blog, or a website, or selling cosmetics, or even selling stuff on Ebay. It’s fantastic for small store owners and lots of other entrepreneurs who have troubled staying organized as they go about the day-to-day operations of their businesses, especially while trying to raise a family at the same time. With the Simplicity Principle, book keeping doesn’t have to be hard. It gives you the best way to organize yourself so you can find all the receipts you need when it comes time to record them, and takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your balance sheets and income statements by “featuring user-friendly language, a simplified approach and a convenient storage system.”

The goal of the Simplicity Principle is to make book keeping easy so you can focus on your core competencies (in my case starting online parenting debates and telling fart jokes). It keeps your finances on track, allows you to store paperwork by the month, and makes your life easier. Imagine, an accordion file, ledger and calendar all-in-one that helps you step-by-step complete all your financial statements to help you pay your taxes, balance the books, and even get a loan from the bank. I really like it!


I tested it out and found the Simplicity Principle to be great at keeping me organized, especially nowadays with all the work I do online. I can print off invoices and store them in a handy pouch until the end of the month until I’m ready to separate all my paperwork and input it (on the monthly spreadsheet that appears at the end of each month on the Simplicity Principle). Maybe there could have been more spaces for me to add my own titles for expenses or liabilities that were not the norm, but other than that I think this product is a necessity for any small business owner that doesn’t want to get bogged down on computer software to process some pretty simple transactions. It’s got a built-in filing system, financial tools at your fingertips and it’s an easy way to track your transactions by date and at a glance.

How much will this wonderful tool that keeps your finances in order cost you- $60.00? How much does the average book keeper cost you per hour- $30.00? Seems like a pretty good investment if you ask me…

Want to know more? Check out the Simplicity Principle at:


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As a dad who has more than a few balls up in the air - juggling work and family and starting a new venture with this website and an online store, I'm looking for anything that can help me save time and money. So when I was asked to review a new accounting tool to help keep me organized I jumped at the chance to test it out. I wanted something to simplify my life, not complicate it, and The Simplicity Principle seems to be exactly what I was looking for.

No, it's not software. The Simplicity Principle is more like a calendar and accordion file and a ledger all-in-one. Its meant to keep the small business owner organized so that when they do go to input all their numbers, everything is right there organized in front of them. Now, it's been a few years since I boned up on my bookkeeping, but the numbers nerd in me (the one who walked in a half hour late to a college Accounting Exam and still walked out with an A) is excited to test this product out.

So while I'm testing it out for two months (starting June 1st, 2013), I want you to remember the name of this product as I think they're going to sell a lot of them. Just looking at it I know its going to simplify bookkeeping and help me keep my finances in order. And, it's going to keep my paperwork organized and help me figure out what taxes I'm going to owe (oh joy). And most importantly, it's going to allow me to do it all, and do it well.

So while we're testing out The Simplicity Principle, check it out for yourself and ask if you could use a little help organizing your side business ventures.



We'll be back soon to tell you how it went...

Disclaimer: Fodder 4 Fathers has simply been provided this product to try. No other compensation has been given in exchange for testing out this product.

SoFit Mobile

Getting older? Out of shape? Looking to get back to the fighting weight you maintained before you had kids? Want to feel like a champion? Hey, it’s been a long time since you put on the old soundtrack from Rocky and imagined yourself racing down the streets of Philadelphia being chased by all your fans, but who says you can’t be a contender… in the virtual world.  Are you ready to train hard? Are you ready to compete against the clock, and race against yourself, your friends, and possibly some famous athletes, movie stars or heads of state? Are you ready to give to charity? Well, has the app for you.

“SoFit is a new social gaming application that lets you get fit, stay fit and earn rewards that matter.” It’s Social Fitness at its finest. Train, compete, and earn rewards while you walk to work, go for a jog, or try to beat your best time. Push yourself and stay motivated as you virtually race against fierce competitors from all over the globe. Earn virtual medals or cash for your favorite charities as you go that extra mile. It’s a fun, fast-paced and habit-forming. It’s the key to good health right at your fingertips.

Check it out. Even if you’re just getting back on track, we’re sure the SoFit Mobile App for iPhone and Android will make you a fitness fanatic in no time. We’re fans. And we're lazy...

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BY: Two Little Hands

Now, I’m not going to say this will work for every child, but when it comes to potty training any help you can get is most certainly welcomed, and we found the Potty Time app from was really helpful at our house.  A great interactive experience for both parent and child, this app madepotty training fun for the whole family.  There was a success chart, videos, tips, games and even a phone call your child could receive with a positive message to keep them going.

As a parent, I really liked the look of the app: it was colorful and fun and easy to maneuver.  And my 2-year-old daughter absolutely loved it. Even today, months after she has successfully mastered both number 1 and number 2, she still likes to check in and get a boost by calling up her good friend “Rachel” (her virtual coach) and getting some positive reinforcement and encouragement. 

Sure, it took some hard work on our part, and a lot of patience, but the Potty Time App certainly helped to keep us going in the right direction.  How helpful was it, you might ask? Well, our 2-year-old was peeing and pooing on the potty with minimal accidents in a matter of days.  That’s pretty good if you ask me.

So if you’re in the market for an app to help your potty train your little tyke, we highly recommend the Potty Time App from  And, it’s free!
We give this product our Fodder 4 Fathers Seal of Approval. Great 4 parents. Great 4 kids. Great 4 getting the “deed” done. Download it today.